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Israeli Flags
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Israeli Flags


Israeli Flags – All You Wanted to Know about the Israeli Flag

The Israeli flag is a blue Star of David on a white background that has two horizontal wide blue stripes at the bottom and top of the flag.  Its origins can be traced back to the late medieval era and is first notably discussed as being adopted in 1891 by the Zionist Movement and unveiled in 1897 at the First Zionist Congress. The actual design is a reflection of the Tallit which is more commonly known as the Jewish prayer shawl which also is white with blue stripes, although the Magen David in the centre or Star of David was added at a later date but is the fully recognized symbol that is recognizable as a specifically Jewish, allowing them to signal to the rest of the world who they were and what religion they followed. The Israeli flags became the national flag for Israel in the October of 1948. 
The actual colors of the Israeli flags represent the following: the white represents the symbol of light, innocence, peace and light where as the blue regardless what shade, is the symbol of trust, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, heaven, truth and faith. In fact if you trace the origins back you will discover that the original blue dye that was used was called Tekhelet which was made from the crushed snail Murex Trunculus. This snail dye was used by the royalty at the time with them using this color as a symbol of their power which is where the saying “blue blood” comes from when discussing royalty and then further on the upper class who adopted the color as their own to show their riches.
They then often dyed their clothing and sheets a blue color to show to the “commoners” that they were above them. This class system of dying of clothes and sheets then stopped making it acceptable for anyone regardless of financial standing to wear the color blue. Now depending on where about in Israel you are the actual color of blue ranges from a light blue right to a dark blue and the actual shape and design can be different. There are several different Israeli flags which are a variant of the first with one being a complete blue back ground with a white circle that has a blue Star of David on it.
Another one of the Israeli flags is also blue all over with a white triangle on its side which also has a blue Star of David on it. The Royal Air force use a completely different one of the Israeli flags all together with a light blue flag that has thin white stripes which have dark blue boarders that are near the bottom and the top. It also has the air force roundel in the centre. has a wide range of Israeli flags on sale in their gifts section where you can buy one as a gift or as something that you want to display for yourself in your own home as a source of national pride. With so many Israeli flags to choose from it is hard to decide which one to order.  However, the Pongo website provides you with choices ranging from the Israeli flags themselves to teddy bears,pins and Israeli t shirts featuring the Israeli flags on them.  
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